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What is Integrate 2023 Church Leaders Conference?
The primary objective of Integrate 2023 is to stimulate renewed conversation around understanding and embracing the 24/7 nature of living our Kingdom life in Christ into all areas where life takes us.

This theme ties directly into CBAC's Mission Edge Churches initiative as well as CBM's Vennture:

Mission Edge Churches — This initiative invites CBAC-churches to embrace and live as Mission Edge Churches (“communities of Jesus-followers, who align around his continuing mission of sacrificial love, starting right in their neighbourhoods, and from there reaching into neighbourhoods all around the world”). Mission Edge Church(es) naturally evidence six Markers, starting with Living the Jesus Way – both Gathered and Scattered (emphasizing that we are to be the church not only as we ‘gather’ but equally as we ‘scatter’ back to where everyday life takes us). Other markers are: Radiating Hospitality; Fluency in the Good News; Embodying the Good News, Embracing Partnerships; and Contextual Responsiveness.

Vennture — This is a CBM initiative inspiring and motivating individuals and groups to reflect God’s image through creative and innovative daily work and mobilize Christians to join God’s redemptive mission in the world through work. Vennture is part of a growing group of God’s people who believe transformation can happen when faith and work intersect. Their goal is to stimulate conversations, build connecting points, and incubate new ideas about living out our faith, seven days of the week.
I've never heard of the keynote speaker, Dr. Amy Sherman. Who is she?
Amy L. Sherman, Ph.D. is a Senior Fellow with the Sagamore Institute and directs their Centre on Faith in Communities (CFIC), a capacity building initiative for congregations and faith-based and community-based organizations. In addition to authoring over 100 articles and essays, she has written seven books including Kingdom Calling: Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good, and Agents of Flourishing: Pursuing Shalom in Every Corner of Society.  
Will there be other speakers?
There will be both local and national/international presenters addressing the theme of ‘Integrating Faith into all of life’ in 18-minute MEG-talks or in workshop opportunities.
Why have this conference at the Algonquin resort, which is not geographically central and is more expensive than other venues?
While we recognize that the Algonquin is not geographically central to our Atlantic Canada constituency, we wanted a destination event where people would welcome the opportunity to enjoy the venue in addition to the conference. In researching possible non-urban locations (we purposely wanted participants to feel they were completely away from the pressures of life and ministry) we were considerably limited in terms of locations that would offer the size we were looking for.

Our deep desire was for a conference that would honour and minister to our faithful front-line servant-leaders of Atlantic Canada (pastors, pastors’ spouses, and congregational lay-leaders and participants) who faithfully and sacrificially serve within their own congregational and community contexts. We particularly believe that after the demands, rigour, and trauma of Covid, such a conference at such a location holds the potential for providing much-needed rest and respite for these congregational leaders. Through the beautiful venue, delicious cuisine, thought-provoking and inspirational speakers, we want to offer a place of rest, renewal, and re-creation.  
While the location might be desirable, have you thought about the cost?
We considered the cost a great deal. We know that $250 - $350 per person (depending on when you register and your room choice) is a significant commitment on the part of most pastors and church leaders. Here’s what we want you to know as you consider Integrate 2023:

• The cost is substantially subsidized due to a generous grant from your Atlantic Baptist Foundation. The pre-underwritten per person cost of the conference (two nights’ accommodations, all meals (Monday supper until Wednesday breakfast), four breaks, venue rentals, plus all attendant costs) is approximately $900 (the cost of rooms, meals, and breaks alone is approximately $750 pp). Our hope is that you will consider this too good an opportunity to miss.

• The cost for this conference is less than what was charged when we held our last Algonquin Conference thirteen years ago in 2011. (The conference rate at that time was $600/room double occupancy or $375 single occupancy.) 
While acknowledging that CBM and CBAC have done all they can to keep costs as low as possible, it is still out of reach for our family budget. Is there any further assistance?
For those who are pastors or are pastoral couples we encourage you to consider using your Conference or Continuing Education allowance for this conference.

If you do not have an allowance would you approach your congregational leadership inquiring if the church could help support your attendance at this conference?

We do have ten $100 bursaries available to help offset the cost of attending. The following are the criteria for qualifying for one of these bursaries:
• You or your spouse are a pastor currently serving in a CBAC church
• You will be attending with your spouse
• Your church is not able to cover or subsidize any portion of your expenses
• The annual revenue of your church is in the vicinity of $100,000 or less
• You are one of the first ten eligible applicants for the bursary. To apply please contact Dr. Greg Jones at greg.jones@baptist-atlantic.ca.
The per-person costs are less for a married couple compared to a single person willing to share a room. Why?
The intent is to create incentives for those who are married to attend as a couple if that is at all feasible. Part of the reason for this conference is to minister to both clergy and lay couples who give so much of themselves to their ministry. There is significant subsidization (approx. 65%) for all who attend, whether coming as a single or a couple.  
Will there be refunds if I am unable to attend?
We will endeavour to refund fees for legitimate last-minute needs to cancel (e.g. last minute serious illness, a funeral, etc.). Because we have to book rooms and provide names to the hotel a month in advance we are counting on the fact that those who register will make every good effort to attend.
Why do we need to register a month ahead of the conference?
This is a requirement of the hotel. Registration will not be available after April 15th as rooms need to be confirmed and names given to the hotel at that time.
What if there is another COVID or COVID-like outbreak and the Conference is canceled? Will there be reimbursement available?
In the event of another Covid or Covid-like outbreak whereby the government advises such gatherings ought not proceed and/or there were geographic closures between regions then registration monies will be fully refunded.
Can I register after the April 15th deadline?
After April 15th all extra rooms we are holding will be released back to the hotel. At that point reservations depend on whether or not the rooms are available and there may be an additional cost. If you wish to inquire about registering after the deadline, please contact Greg Jones at greg.jones@baptist-atlantic.ca.
Can I bring my children with me?
This conferene is oriented towards an adult-only program and environment so we encourage you to consider this as a retreat opportunity as parents. There is no childcare available.
Does the registration fee include gratuities and incidentals?
The registration does include gratuities for your room and group meals/breaks. Should you feel led to tip hotel staff as well please feel free to do so. The conference fee does not include incidentals. Any outstanding incidentals charged to your room will be your responsibility at the time of check out. Your conference fees cover deeply-discounted accommodations for 2 nights, meals from Monday supper to Wednesday breakfast, 4 breaks (Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning, Tuesday afternoon, and Wednesday morning) and all other conference costs. 
What if I have specific dietary restrictions?
If you have dietary restrictions, please identify that when you register online. We will endeavor to accommodate your needs. Last minute requests will not be able to be accommodated.
What is the dress code for the conference?
We do not have a defined dress code. We want you to feel appropriately comfortable and relaxed. Remember that east coast weather in May can be anything from cold and rainy to warm with glorious sunshine, so please be prepared for any and all. Remember the hotel has an indoor swimming pool, three story waterslide, and hot tub so pack your bathing suit too. 
When and where do I register when I get to the hotel?
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